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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The health and safety of Australians overseas is our highest priority. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not taking public appointments at this time. Our ability to provide some services may be limited. We will continue to prioritise consular and passport services to those in genuine need. If you require urgent assistance, please contact our 24 hour Consular Emergency Centre, Canberra (Australia): +61 2 6261 3305 or email


The travel advice for Sri Lanka and Maldives is now at Level 4 – Do not travel overseas at this time.  This is our highest advice level (level 4 of 4). For further information:

Sri Lanka Travel Advice

Maldives Travel Advice

If you are already overseas and wish to return to Australia, we recommend you do so as soon as possible by commercial means. Commercial flights are limited but continue to operate from Colombo.

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If you are overseas and cannot, or do not want to, return to Australia, follow our Smartraveller advice on what to do when you can’t get home. Take care to minimise your risk of exposure to coronavirus including by self-isolating.  

Our ability to provide consular assistance may be limited due to restrictions on movement and other services.


High Commissioner's Welcome

Welcome to the Australian High Commission’s website, where you will find a wide range of information about our role and responsibilities in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

With Sri Lanka, Australia has been a close friend and partner since before independence, underpinned by extensive bilateral cooperation and people-to-people links. Australia’s Sri Lankan community of 170,000 people makes a significant contribution to Australian society. Our relationship encompasses development cooperation, education and close collaboration on countering people smuggling. We support Sri Lanka as it makes progress towards meaningful reconciliation.

With Maldives, Australia has a longstanding and positive relationship, built around education, scholarships and a strong alumni network. We support the good governance reform agenda in Maldives.

On challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, Australia works actively with both Sri Lanka and Maldives to address shared interests, including the threats posed by transnational crime.

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Zero Chance Stories – a short film competition

Want to win a film diploma to develop your creative talents? The Australian High Commission is proud to support the launch of Zero Chance Stories – a short film competition on the subject of illegal maritime migration to Australia. Visit for details on how to enter.

Australia returns illegal immigrants from failed people smuggling vessel

Twenty Sri Lankan national illegal immigrants were returned to Sri Lanka yesterday from a people smuggling vessel targeting Australia. Australia remains committed to protecting its borders, stamping out people smuggling, and preventing people from risking their lives at sea. Australian High Commissioner, David Holly, warned anyone considering illegal migration not to be fooled by the lies and false advertising of people smugglers.

Full media release

Australia increases support for demining

On the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action (4 April), Australia is proud to announce its increased support for humanitarian demining efforts in Sri Lanka.

Australia will provide AUD 1 million (more than 124 million LKR) in assistance over the next two years through a partnership with the Mine Action Group (MAG) and Sri Lankan organisation Devlon Assistance for Social Harmony (DASH).

This increased funding will provide vital additional mine clearance capacity in Mannar and Vavuniya, two critical mine-affected provinces. It will allow many families to return to their land, re-establish their lives and enhance income-earning opportunities.

Australia has been one of the largest contributors to demining in Sri Lanka, contributing AUD 20 million (around LKR 2 billion) since 2009.